Christopher Berg’s experience performing early music on lutes and guitars has afforded him a unique perspective when performing the standard classical guitar repertoire. He also believes each artist has a responsibility to create something that never existed before.


Although Christopher Berg’s teaching is systematic, he teaches each student rather than a system. His pedagogy unites critical thinking and problem-recognition skills (necessary for problem solving) with refined artistic sensitivity. Read more about his approach to teaching here.


The Pilgrim Forest is a musical novel, a wordless story told in music of a traveller who has strayed from the main road in search of truth. Although conceived as an hour-long cycle, each piece also stands alone.


Here you will find free downloads of scores in the public domain edited by Christopher Berg, teaching handouts, exercises and selected writings.


Christopher Berg has four books in print: The Classical Guitar Companion (OUP), Practicing Music by Design: Historic Virtuosi on Peak Performance (Routledge); Mastering Guitar Technique and Giuliani Revisited (Mel Bay). Learn more here.


Scores for all ten compositions from Christopher Berg’s The Pilgrim Forest are now available. Visit the Scores page of the Store. These can be purchased as PDFs through Gumroad's secure pop-up window without leaving the page.

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