Eurydice’s Dream

Soprano Susan Parker Shimp and guitarist/lutenist Christopher Berg combine their musical experience to bring you Eurydice's Dream. From Dowland's sorrowful “Flow my Tears,” Schubert's celebration of revelry in “Dithyrambe,” Villa-Lobos' sensual “Bachianas Brasileiras,” Eurydice's Dream performs literature for voice and plucked strings as homage to the expressive and persuasive power of music, qualities that shape the enduring legend of Orpheus and Eurydice.

Susan Parker Shimp has been a featured soloist with the Yale Collegium, the Hartford Philharmonia, the Carolina Waits, and a number of other early music groups throughout the north and southeastern United States. She has also performed in Munich, where she studied German Lieder at the Richard Strauss Conservatory, has performed twentieth-century music at the Bridgeport New Music Festival for Leonard Bernstein, and with the Reformation Festival Orchestra in New Haven, Connecticut, where she was recognized for her interpretation of Schutz and J. S. Bach.

Parker Shimp holds a PhD in Musicology from Yale University and a Bachelor of Music from the University of South Carolina. Focusing on the vocal repertoire of Seventeenth-Century Italy, she has forthcoming publications on the music of Roman composer Domenico Mazzocchi, and has presented papers at several meetings of the American Musicological Society, at the United Kingdom Biennial Baroque Conference in Birmingham, England, and most recently for the Society for Seventeenth Century Music at Princeton.

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