The Pilgrim Forest

The Pilgrim Forest comprises ten original pieces for solo guitar. While each piece is complete by itself, when experienced as a cycle, the entire hour of music reveals a complex narrative unity, a tale of discovery in a metaphorical forest whose language is music.

The State newspaper wrote of the recording, "Berg conveys an exultant yet subtle control of this music, and his performance is nothing less than radiant and compelling. …this is an album of powerful, personal expressiveness that should enjoy wide appeal."

Below are brief HTML5 audio snippets of each piece in the order in which they occur on the original recording. Complete versions of "Lullaby Blue," and "Pavane for All Souls," and "The Pilgrim" can be heard here. All of the pieces can be streamed on most music-streaming services, including Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music Classical.

The Pilgrim Forest is available through Apple Music, CDBaby, and here. Meticulously typeset scores of nine of the ten pieces are now available and are available here.

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